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Financial Documents and Activities Reports


CARV 2021 Financial Report


Opening Balance PNC Bank 1/1/21 $ 3,490.22

Opening Balance PayPal $ 13.80

Closing Balance PNC Bank 12/31/21 $ 3487.07

Closing Balance PayPal $ 31.41



CARV Donations (Cash/Check/PayPal) $ 447.03

Madison, WI RPCV 2020 Calendar Sales $ 40.00 Rebate Received in 2021

Total Revenue: $ 516.03



Silk Start/NPCA Webpage Renewal $ 200.00

PayPal Fees $ 9.18

Great Parks Shelter Rental Fees $ 310.00

Total Expenses: $ 519.18


Submitted by Barry Adamson,

CARV Treasurer July 22, 2022


CARV 2020 Activities Report


January 12: CARV Member Gathering

Host: Pete Nerone, The Center for Great Neighborhoods of Covington
Speaker: Jeanne Corwin, MD (Central African Republic 1985-1987) Jeanne Corwin is a Cincinnati gynecologist and is involved with other physicians and healthcare workers in Physicians for a National Health Program. 

February 17: CARV Board Meeting

March 7:CARV Family Outing to ArtsWave Indian dance demonstration, Latin dancing and lunch

March 8: Program & Social Meeting
Rich House (Philippines)
Speaker: Arlene Golembiewski (Sierra Leone 74-76). Arlene founded Sherbro Foundation Sierra Leone in 2013 and recently returned from an extended visit to her former posting. She will update us on the many programs supported by Sherbro Foundation, especially those empowering girls and women. 

March: CARV reaches out to evacuated RPVCs in Greater Cincinnati

April 13: Board Meeting (Zoom) – support for evacuated RPCVs

May 9: CARV Member Gathering (Zoom) – evacuated RPCVs share their stories

August 10: CARV Board Meeting (Zoom)

September 13: CARV Member Gathering (Zoom) - CARV and SORVO (Southern Ohio Returned Volunteer Organization) hosted an online screening of "A Towering Task" and a live Q&A with Director Alana DeJoseph

October 12: CARV Board Meeting

October 16: Virtual Oktoberfest celebration (Zoom) – an informal get-together where we will have a chance to visit in small groups, and catch up with CARV friends and family.

November 8: CARV Member Gathering (Zoom) with Glenn Blumhorst, NPCA President. Glenn will update us on how the Peace Corps and the NPCA are managing during the pandemic, plus the future of the Peace Corps. We will also hear from recent Peace Corps evacuees from our area. They will update us on how they have been adjusting since their evacuations. 

December 14: CARV Board Meeting (Zoom)


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