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CARV Member Seeks Support for Ukraine with a Celebration Fundraiser

Here is a message from CARV member Danielle Albers:


Hello CARV! 

My name is Danielle Albers an RPCV from Cincinnati, Ohio, who served in Ukraine from 2017-2019. We have met before via email when I was raising funds for Camp MASCOT, a summer camp held in Ternopil, Ukraine. Your donation of $500 supported 15 students to attend this camp!! I still thank you for the opportunity you gave these students, the camp was a great success and memories that I, myself, hold close to me. 


I am reaching out today because friends of mine and I will be hosting a fundraising event for Ukraine on June 26th, 6pm - 9pm at the Woodward Theater in OTR. There will be dinner, raffles, auctions, and performances! I was hoping you could share this event with anyone who might be interested in attending.


Here is the link to the event


Attached is more detailed information about the event and the organization we will be supporting. Should be super cool!! A friend from Ukraine is flying in, and there will be a video performance from a music school in one of the towns I volunteered in, as well as some hands-on activities where you can learn to write in cyrillic and make some traditional Ukrainian crafts :) Oh! and food catered by Wodka Bar, we chose a very traditional Ukrainian menu. It should be delicious!


Thank you for your support and I hope we can meet soon, at Charmed, or an event in the future :)